Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management is the management of policies, processes, data, human resources
and other components for effective operations.

With the growing importance of business aligned IT, infrastructure management has become one of the important services for companies worldwide. The arrival of complex applications which automate business operations further mandates best-in-class underlying infrastructure, which is what QData specializes in.

Our dedicated team of IT consultants, system administrators and support specialists have partnered with leaders of different industries to optimize, secure, manage and support their mission-critical infrastructure. As a result, our clients enjoyed the benefits of aligning their IT programs and goals with their enterprise strategy, delivering top solutions that drive business process. Moreover, our expertise and knowledge has enabled us to guarantee the availability, reliability and top performance of related aspects, especially data centers, networks, and security.

To ensure clients the best value for money, we offer the following essential infrastructure management services:


Data Center Management

The rapidly evolving nature of technology has made data centers a vital component in a company’s infrastructure, especially as they contribute to the differentiation of an enterprise’s products, the optimization of the organization itself, and integration with suppliers. QData helps clients overcome the hefty costs and challenges associated with modernizing data centers and consolidating projects to achieve a competitive advantage.

We also provide a comprehensive list of services of managed services for data center environments, ranging from complete outsourcing of IT to managing a specific point service. To complement these services, we offer to train staff to make the most of our latest data center technologies. Moreover, we provide skilled professionals who can leverage our solutions to help companies achieve their goals.


Network Infrastructure

Many organizations struggle to provide their employees with access to company assets regardless of device used and without compromising security. On the other hand, employees demand user-friendly experience across all the devices and applications they use and locations they access information from.

QData delivers these expectations and more through solutions such as routing and switching, application delivery acceleration, web content filtering, network access controls, wireless access, and remote identity access management.


Application Infrastructure Management

Applications are vital components in organizations regardless of size, especially as they contribute to revenue generation. Through our application infrastructure management services, clients can ensure that both their utilitarian applications and enterprise applications are running optimally and performing at their peak.

At QData, we take pride in being very thorough. Our process starts from application discovery and assessment to understand clients’ applications, their purpose and dependencies. We then devise recommendations for a new application infrastructure design that can optimize applications infrastructure environment. For instance, our experts may recommend centralizing applications in the data center to lower the costs of licensing and management while delivering more control over the use of applications.

Next, we take care of the physical and logical migration of applications while establishing monitoring and managing aspects. Finally, we provide monitoring, technical support and systems administration services to ensure the performance of applications and resolve any issues.


Cloud Enablement

To help organizations embrace cloud technology, QData offers to eliminate the challenges surrounding the integration of infrastructure in the cloud and across their centralized management and data organization. In addition to skillfully building public and private clouds, our team is proficient in migrating services to a public cloud or a hybrid one to reduce operational costs. We are more than happy to discuss the strategic solutions offered by our technology partners as well as the best delivery model for your organization.


Remote Infrastructure Management

This service is ideal for organizations seeking economical and scalable IT infrastructure that is available 24/7. Since launching it, we have helped clients across the U.S., Europe and Asia minimize their IT infrastructure downtime and enjoy cost-effective solutions.

As part of our remote infrastructure management services, we offer consultancy services such as solution architecture and design, process consulting, and project management. We also assess the readiness and compatibility of your infrastructure before adopting or migrating to the cloud. Once clients approve the migration plan, we carry out the transformation seamlessly and even deploy enterprise management tools for more efficiency.

To complement our services, QData offers to support mission-critical IT infrastructure ranging from servers to databases and all the way to directories. In addition to experts at our service desk, we provide skilled IT experts who are well-versed in remote infrastructure troubleshooting and management.


Product Integration Services

With the help of our suite of services and solutions, our clients have enjoyed higher efficiency, more agility, round-the-clock availability, and tighter security. They have also reaped the benefits of maximum network performance and cost-efficiency by opting for our industry-trained engineers. However, the biggest perks we offer our clients are focus on service and customer focus.

Our knowledge, expertise and awareness of the best practices of high-availability infrastructure allow us to deliver the highest standard of service. Meanwhile, our customer-focused philosophy drives us to thoroughly understand each client’s unique requirements and deliver customized solutions that help them meet their business goals.