Data Warehouse Design and Development

Data Warehouse is a large amount of data that is gathered from multiple sources
across the organization to be used for guiding management decisions.

Data warehouses are an integral component in effective business intelligence systems, organizing and storing data which business users can use to make their company move in the right direction. Easy access to data further increases the efficiency of business analysis and business forecasting, providing decision makers with valuable insight on trends and enabling them to make faster, better decisions.

QData embraced full life cycle design and development activities to produce an end-to-end business intelligence solution. Our goal is to help organizations collate and store their vital data on a single platform. We further aim to align the business, its IT infrastructure and clients to maximize the efficiency of the data warehouse.

To complement our data warehouse design and development services, we provide a range of services including:






  • Data Modeling

    Clients will receive customized, business-specific data models that meet their needs and allow them to achieve their goals. Using both tool-based and manual methodologies, our team will perform E-R modeling, dimensional modeling or business modeling to better represent facts and measures and enhance business agility.

  • Metadata Management Services

    By streamlining metadata management, our systems can deliver more meaningful business information to our clients. Our experts assign a high priority to master data, or core business data such as customer information, commodities details, and location data. This allows our professionals to evaluate client’s data based on accuracy, completeness and relationships. In turn, this ensures accurate and consistent information during customer communication and reduces personnel and maintenance expenses.

  • Data Quality Management

    QData is dedicated to optimizing clients’ operations and boosting their efficiency, two aspects that can be at risk due to ambiguous data. Using best-in-class reporting tools, we identify and correct data inaccuracies, resolve quality issues, and establish reporting capabilities for present and future quality management activities. As a result, clients enjoy the perks of increased data reliability and enhanced data usability.

  • Data Migration Services

    Data migration is an important service to organizations moving to new applications, in the process of upgrading their applications, outsourcing operations, and consolidating multiple instances. We aim to keep our clients up-to-date with constant technological changes without risking the integrity, accuracy and accessibility of their valuable data. Using top-notch tools and best practice methodologies, our data warehouse developers will conduct data mapping, implement scripting and carry out testing. As a result, our clients will reap benefits such as quicker ROI, lower TCO, minimal business disruption, and efficient data migration.

  • Data Masking

    To ensure the security of clients’ new data warehouse, we implement data masking processes which deliver business resilience as well as information confidentiality. By using top ETL and data migration tools such as Informatica and Oracle Data Integrator, we address data privacy challenges effectively, reduce database downtime, and ensure consistency between profiled and original data.